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Yamaha Workshop: Synthesis Made Easy


Find your OWN sound with Yamaha’s ‘Synthesis Made Easy’ Workshop programme to debut at Music Production Expo

Today, we live in a world where ‘sharing’ rules, and for musicians and producers alike that means access to a never ending supply of free samples and more presets for our synths and software than we could ever wish for – or will ever use.

Of course this is a good thing but it does mean there’s a risk of us all sounding the same – or spending more time looking for the ‘right’ sound.  To succeed musicians and producers need to cut through this homogenous ambient noise with their own ‘ signature’ sounds, not an easy task but worth it in the long run.

It’s too easy to stick with presets but that’s not really the point of Synthesizers is it?  Creative types don’t want to be using their energy searching for a sound that’s not ‘their’ sound.

Welcome to Yamaha’s brilliant new ‘ Synthesis Made Easy’ workshop programme, a series of national events to be launched at the forthcoming Music Production Expo at The Emirates on 20th/21st November.

The aim of the ‘ Synthesis Made Easy’ workshop is to help musicians and producers get back to creative synthesis basics, and understand how to build truly original sounds from scratch. Following the launch Yamaha will be taking the Workshop programme on the road. They’ll be popping up around Britain and will appeal to anyone with a passion for synthesis, sound design and originality.

Hosted by the acclaimed Dom Sigalas, who will be delivering hugely entertaining and informative sessions, which will prove invaluable to those seeking ‘their’ sound.   During the sessions Dom will dissect a professionally produced track and demonstrate how the signature voices have been crafted from scratch to result in a fresh and memorable sound.  From fat basslines, screaming leads, massive pads, to dynamic FX and percussion.  Dom will be using the brand new reface synths complemented by the award-winning MOTIF XF and MOXF instruments.

Yamaha’s Chris Irvine devised the programme and he said “For many synthesis and sound design is a scary subject, but a little knowledge can go a long way in helping you build your own sounds from scratch. The ‘Synthesis Made Easy ‘ workshop programme aims to break the habit of reaching for the presets, and take you back to being creative, original and building your own sounds from scratch….Why?  Because it feels good to create your own unique sounds.”