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Yamaha UK

Yamaha Music

As one of the leading lights on the Music Production landscape Yamaha have a large presence at Music Production Expo 2015 with a vast range of keyboards, tone generators and Music Production related devices.

Yamaha UK

Stage Pianos
Professional performance for the studio and stage.

Yamaha Synthesizers offer unlimited creative potential for any style of music.

Tone Generators
Rackmount synthesizers and samplers to expand your musical creativity.

Computer Interfaces
USB-MIDI interfaces, USB-Audio interfaces, and USB-Audio/MIDI studios.

Digital Mixing Studio
Music production cotrollers featuring DAW remote controls, digital mixing, audio I/O, and more.

Sequencers / Rhythm Machines
Extraordinary programming and editing versatility for full-scale music production.

Portable Recorders
If audio is important to you then POCKETRAK range of high quality and portable pocket audio recorders are the perfect companion.

Plug-in Boards
Yamaha’s Modular Synthesis Plug-in System is a revolutionary expansion system that adds a complete synthesizer or sound processing engine to any compatible synthesizer.

Compact mixers that offer big sonic performance for your production studio.

Studio Monitors
The choice of top recording and production engineers who demand unmatched accuracy and resolution that reveals critical sonic details.

Accessories for Music production tools
Accessories for Music production tools,¬†Pedals, MIDI interfaces and apps etc…using with/for Yamaha music production tools.