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Sound-Link Pro Audio Ltd


Sound-Link specialises exclusively in sound acquisition (microphones), top quality front-end acquisition products (location recorder, mixer and codecs) and reference monitoring/room & speaker calibration.

Whatever creative technology you use for recording and mixing, you need to be sure that all acoustic sources you acquire are not compromised, and that you can listen accurately to your work to ensure that you always deliver final mixes free from the “fingerprint” of your listening space! We can help you to achieve all that.

Our eclectic selection of what we believe to be the world’s finest professional audio products includes: Microtech Gefell microphones (aka Neumann Gefell); the Håkan pop killer; Musikelectronic Geithain German Reference Monitor Loudspeakers with cardioid bass emission characteristics; AETA Audio location recorder, mixer and cdecs; Trinnov Audio, world leading professional room/loudspeaker correction technology and Loudness metering; TURTLE boundary microphone adaptor.

Sound-Link opened for business in 1992 in Cambridge UK as a professional audio equipment distributor, and also to provide specialist Distribution Channel Management for audio manufacturing businesses. In 2012 the business was acquired by John Willett, re-located to Oxfordshire and made a limited company.

Sound-Link exclusively represents products which we considers to be truly professional and which strive to meet the expectations of the most discerning audio professional in all respects of quality, reliability and support.