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MSL Professional

MSL Professional

MSL Professional exclusively distributes a select range of hardware and software brands in the UK

MSL Professional is proud to represent the following brands:


AphexAphex has been at the heart of the pro audio, recording, broadcast, live and installed sound industries for over 35 years, providing engineers and artists with high quality signal and dynamic processing solutions. The US manufacturer is renowned for its legendary Aural Exciter®, Big Bottom® and Compeller® technologies that remain key to its product ranges, alongside newer innovative developments.

Aphex currently manufactures an expanding range of processors, microphone preamps, specialized amplifiers, interfaces, USB audio products and converters.



MixvibesJoeCo Limited. Manufacturer of the BLACKBOX RECORDER and BLACKBOX PLAYER. Record/replay up to 24 channels of 24bit/96kHz quality audio without using a computer. The Recorder has applications in live performance, broadcast, film and TV sound and post production. The Player is designed for replaying backing tracks and multiple surround stems for live shows and themed entertainment.



MixvibesThis highly respected Italian manufacturer specializes in the development of high-quality amp heads, preamps and power amps, cabinets, combos, effects pedals and accessories for bass players. Made from premium quality components, Markbass products combine powerful sound with lightweight construction, making them the first choice of bass players worldwide.


DV Mark

MixvibesSpecially designed for guitarists, the DV Mark brand offers a powerful yet lightweight range of amps, combos, cabinets, pedals and accessories. Made from high-quality components, DV Mark products are optimized to respond to the needs of the musician, while delivering top-quality sound to the audience.


Mark Drum

MixvibesMade in Italy! Mark Drum proudly introduces YES, its first professional electronic drum kit. Specially developed to feel just like an acoustic kit, YES offers an innovative range of features including 24 on-board drum kits, DSP effects, a “Smart Pad” patented triggering system, “Hot Spot Removal” patented technology on toms and snare, together with an aluminium rack (powered by a bus connection system) for lightness and portability.



SoftubeSwedish manufacturer Softube develops professional hardware and software for the audio industry. The company’s first hardware product, Console 1, is a uniquely designed, award-winning hardware/software mixer solution that can be used with any major Digital Audio Workstation. Softube also develops widely respected audio software under its own brand name, as well as products for other leading companies in the Pro Audio and MI industries.


Studio Electronics

Studio ElectronicsFounded in 1981 by Val St. Regis and Tim Caswell in Hollywood, California, Studio Electronics have been proudly manufacturing American-made premium quality analog synths and Class-A audio gear for over 30 years. The company’s legendary product range includes the BoomStar desktop discrete analogue synth range, the Slate Pro Audio Dragon and Fox, along with the Discrete Sound Engine Analog Synths™ ATC-X(i), Omega 8, C.O.D.E, and SE-1X: Redeye and Angel Dust.



MixvibesA leading player in DJ technology for over 10 years. This French manufacturer’s product range includes the U-MIX line of hardware controllers and audio interface, CROSS digital vinyl and MIDI DJ software, and VFX audio/video software package for mixing music and visuals. A range of DJ hardware/software packs is also available, both for getting started and for professional use.


Sonoma Wire Works

Sonoma Wire WorksBased in California, Sonoma Wire Works develops high-quality, innovative products and services that help musicians enjoy playing, recording and sharing music. In addition to creating a range of software apps, including FourTrack, StudioTrack and GuitarTone, Sonoma has also developed GuitarJack, a high quality iOS interface that connects a wide range of instruments, microphones and other audio hardware to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


TL Audio

MixvibesTL Audio is the British manufacturer of valve-based outboard equipment and mixing consoles, including the popular Ivory, Classic and Ebony series of processors and the professional VTC, M4 and M1-F valve mixing consoles. Renowned for their quality valve technology and classic British sound, TL Audio products are currently in use with many high-profile artists, producers and engineers working in a wide range of genres.


Keith McMillen Instruments

Keith McMillen InstrumentsCalifornia-based Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) develops highly innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians, DJs, and VJs to interface with computers in exciting new ways. The company’s distinctive controller range offers new dimensions of expression and control that enable computer and tablet-based instruments to feel and respond like traditional musical instruments. KMI products include the QuNeo 3D multi-touch pad controller designed for use with music and DJ software and the new QuNexus smart sensor keyboard controller, an essential tool for musicians of all levels.



AphexManufactured in Italy and used by some of the world’s leading keyboard artists, Studiologic products are renowned for their weighted key and hammer action technologies that authentically imitate the action of traditional pianos and organs. The brand combines amazing playability with state-of-the-art DSP and integration technology, offering musicians a range of possibilities for live performance and studio use. The Studiologic series currently includes a range of premium controller keyboards and instruments such as Numa pianos, the Numa organ and Sledge synthesizer.


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