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A principle function of JAMES is Course Accreditation for audio recording & music production, live performance, music composition and audio post production for film & TV. In addition, JAMES actively provides industry support for education and student careers advice.

Made up of dedicated audio industry professionals and academics, JAMES’ role is to create and maintain supportive links between education and the media industries. We wish to ensure that many years of professional experience are not lost to future generations.

JAMES accredits education on behalf of the APRS (Association of Professional Recording Services), MPG (Music Producers Guild), MMF (Music Managers’ Forum), PLASA and the UK Screen Association.

BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) and IASIG (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group) endorse the JAMES Accreditation Scheme.

JAMES is a recognised PSRB (Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body) for undergraduate higher education courses. UNISTATS reference ‘ACC Type 10101’.