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Dynaudio Pro






Founded in Denmark in 1977, Dynaudio like most speaker companies at the time, manufactured its loudspeakers using its own crossovers while relying on drivers made by others (OEM).

However, early on the company realised that the only way to further improve performance was through innovation of driver technology. Dynaudio had ideas and visions that were way ahead of the products available from driver manufacturers and so decided to start developing driver technology on their own. A major R&D programme of driver development was launched and by the early 1980s, all Dynaudio loudspeaker systems were equipped solely with Dynaudio’s innovative driver technology.

Dynaudio then began to also sell its drivers to other manufacturers. At the time this proved to be very successful, as there was and still is a huge demand for high-quality drivers but few suppliers – the very same reason why Dynaudio started to research and develop driver technology. These drivers became popular all over the world and were widely recognised for its quality both by speaker designers and end users. Many agreed with the old Dynaudio philosophy: “The heart of any speaker system is the drivers”. Today Dynaudio has become known for quality, innovation and advanced technology and has decided to take full advantage of its driver technology and increased focus on building its own loudspeaker systems.

The fact that Dynaudio starts each and every new product by designing special drivers that are second to none when it comes to low distortion, extended dynamic range and high power handling, is to a large extent what makes Dynaudio unique compared to many other brands.

After achieving an industry leading position and an outstanding reputation in high-end hi-fi, the company enrolled into a unique co-operation with some of the world’s leading studio designers. When experiencing overwhelming interest from the Pro-Audio market, Dynaudio decided to establish a subsidiary to focus 100% on designing studio. Initially allied with Andy Munro, the renowned British studio designer, Dynaudio PRO became a reality and rapidly has been established and recognised as the technological leader in the field.

Customers include top recording studios like Air Lyndhurst, The Pierce Room in London, NRG Studios in Los Angeles, Coconut Studios in Cologne, The Hit Factory in New York, as well as leading record producers such as Mike Hedges, Trevor Horn, Steve Lipson, and Mutt Lange to name but a few. Also a wide range of key international broadcasting, film and postproduction facilities are putting their trust in Dynaudio PRO monitors daily.

Although Dynaudio PRO is a separate business-unit operated by Pro-Audio people (a bunch of musicians, engineers, studio designers etc.) for Pro Audio people, the company is taking advantage of Dynaudio’s proprietary driver technology, state of the art research and manufacturing facilities. It is a unique set-up aiming at ensuring focus on our customers’ needs, while keeping costs down through economics of scale.

Utmost care in selection of materials and production combined with the industry’s most thorough and extensive testing programme, allow Dynaudio PRO monitors to achieve 100 percent consistency – not just between different pairs, but also when crossing pairs or relying on pairs in different locations.

And due to Dynaudio’s still unique hand-crafted driver technology, Dynaudio PRO monitors are neutral and uncoloured. The smooth clarity in combination with the outstanding dynamic capabilities of Dynaudio PRO monitors ensure that you can work long hours without ear fatigue.

The new recently launched LYD series is a testament to that. Great mixing derives from attention to detail while striving for a final mix that goes way beyond the sum of its parts. Dynaudio PRO believes that the same principle applies when designing ultimate monitors and with the LYD series it was obvious that actually most people don’t monitor at loud levels. So the LYD series are importantly not just accurate and full when playing loud, but also offer the same accuracy and repeatable precision and when at the more sedate levels you might have to find in a home studio.

Our LYD 5, LYD 7 and LYD 8 studio monitors redefine personal reference monitoring, delivering a true and highly accurate image of your creative efforts. But maybe even more importantly we know that the physical nature of your creative space affects your mix decisions significantly. Yes, we have you covered in regards to help reduce unwanted bass build-up in corners, close walls, a wide sweet-spot and EQ filters, but we also understand that you may well be challenged by something much more crucial – not having a completely isolated environment.

Therefore, you could be forced to mix at very low volumes or using headphones from time to time. In both cases, this is traditionally bound to affect your late night mixes in an unfortunate way that often causes you to redo the mix the next day when you get a chance to listen a normal listening levels. Sounds familiar?

LYD is designed to let you create great mixes the first time regardless of the listening conditions. Even at very low volumes, they remain accurate and you will find that your music sounds just as great at a high volume. Typically, you would tend to increase the low frequencies of your mix when you are forced to work at very soft levels, overpowering the crucial mids and crispy highs of the final result.

In short, spending less time on redoing previous mixes allows you to spend more time and focus on recording, composing, playing and just being creative. At the end of the day, isn’t that all that really matters?