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BIMM music colleges are located in the cities where music matters most, London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol and Dublin. Every BIMM student is involved in one of world’s most vibrant music scenes, mixing with the finest aspiring musicians in the country, and the largest alumni network in the industry. Our students work with world class tutors; every one of them still active in the contemporary music business; every one of them working to a syllabus honed over our thirty year history, crossing paths with more guest tutors; some of the most successful and influential people in the music industry. We believe in excellence in music alongside excellence in education.

BIMM provides a range of music courses, from degrees to diplomas, as well as music teacher training and flexible part-time courses; from guitar, bass, drums, vocals, live sound and tour management, music production, event management and music business. The secret to success is no secret. If you want to make it in music, you’ve got to get connected. That’s why we take students with talent and the will to work hard, and make them better connected than anybody else. So, if you want to get in to the music industry, get into BIMM: The best connected.