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Nova Distribution

Eve Audio Speakers

Eve Audio Studio Monitors

Nova Distribution was established in 2012 to bring three high-quality, high-value brands to the audio industry. Eve Audio make some of the finest and most flexible monitoring solutions today. They make 2-way, 3-way and 4-way studio monitors as well as the best sub-woofers on the market. Warm Audio have revolutionised the idea of high quality outboard at affordable prices with the release of their 1176 clone the WA76, which joins the well established and brilliant value WA12 and TB12 pre-amp and channel strip. Lindell Audio is probably the most talked about new brand on the planet, having changed the whole concept of value analogue audio-processing with their range of super value 500 series modules and enclosures.

Warm Audio WA12

Warm Audio Studio Outboard

Nova Distribution will be at Music Production Expo 2014 demonstrating all three brands and answering any questions visitors may have.

Lindell Audio 500 Series

Lindell Audio Studio Outboard

Find out more about the Nova Distribution brands here

Eve Audio Home Site

Warm Audio Home Site

Lindell Audio Home Site

Shure Distribution

Shure Distribution

Shure Microphones

Shure Distribution will be on hand at the Music Production Expo demonstrating their range of Studio Microphones including the KSM series, SM Series and Beta range of industry standard microphones. In addition Shure will be offering the chance for visitors to try their range of Studio Headphones which are rapidly becoming market leaders.

Shure microphones can be found in studios the world over. For premium studio microphones look no further than the KSM range, which were designed with the studio in mind. The latest models in the KSM range are the KSM313 and KSM353 which are the first ribbon microphones from Shure. Elsewhere, see classic microphones such as the SM57 instrument microphone and the SM58 vocal microphone which can both be used on stage or in the studio.

Music Production Expo will give you the chance to find out how you can get the best out of your microphone collection.

Yamaha Music

Yamaha have a strong history in Music Production on both sound creation and audio recording from the days of the Yamaha analogue 4 track tape recorder through to the leading Stage Pianos and Synthesizers of today.

Yamaha have now confirmed a sizeable stand at the Expo to enable them to bring visitors the full Yamaha Music Production Experience.

Synthax Audio

Synthax at Music Production Expo

Synthax Audio

Synthax is an established pro audio distribution company with a fresh approach. They represent quality audio products to UK clients, with a strong emphasis on end user service and support. With an array of premier brands, Synthax Audio will be a big part of the Music Production Expo 2014.

We expect the Synthax team of experts to be showing RME, Sonodyne, Ferrofish, MyMix, MicW microphones, Ultrasone Kopfhörer and Alva.

Find out more about Synthax Audio here